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The Volcanic Legacy Scenic Byway

By Gary VanDeWalker In the Pacific Northwest, volcanoes are scattered throughout the broad swaths of forest.  They tower over the foothills and act as sleeping dragons.  McCloud lies in the center of these ancient wonders, along the Volcanic Legacy Scenic Byway All American Road, a 500 mile pathway presenting the complexities and beauty of geological Continue Reading...

The First People of McCloud: The Wintu

By Gary VanDe Walker  Many years ago, in the shadows of the mixed forest of pines and oaks, the voice of a storyteller drifted along the breeze of the McCloud River.  His words described a being of mysterious origins, indescribable by any standard, called the Anamet.  It masqueraded as a person.  Coming from the mountains, Continue Reading...

Enjoy McCloud Bike-toberfest!

By Gary VanDeWalker The fall brings changes to the mountains.  The air brings a chill in anticipation of winter.  Summer bare mountains sport new hats of snow.  Jackets make their appearances on the streets.  In McCloud, bikes begin to appear for the second annual McCloud Bike-toberfest. On October 12, registration will open at 7 am Continue Reading...