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  Editor’s Note: The following blog post is taken from and used with permission. In addition to being a great read from both the “adventure” and “heritage” angles, it also introduces our blog readers to a fantastic local resource for hikes in and around the McCloud area. If you haven’t added to your Continue Reading...

Hedge Creek Falls & The Gentleman Outlaw

McCloud Blog Note:  The photo featured on our homepage for this story is actually the “payoff” view from the end of the trail. Once you get to the viewing platform that overhangs the river, scramble up the hillside to catch this fabulous glimpse of Mt. Shasta! Over the hill from McCloud, at the northern end Continue Reading...

The Legacy of Alexander McLeod

By Gary VanDeWalker In the 1820′s, Fort Vancouver, in Oregon Territory, was the ultimate destination of those spending months traveling the Oregon trail, and the established departure point for the Hudson’s Bay Company’s teams of explorers.  The Fort stood along the northern bank of the Columbia River, a monument to the push into the West, Continue Reading...