Who We Are

Welcome to the McCloud Blog – our family’s online diary of our adopted hometown. We discovered McCloud in 2009, bought property here in 2011, and our second home – the Eagle’s Rest – here in 2012. Our goal is to eventually retire in the area.

We are the Pawlow family: Jeff and Cindy, along with Stan, Steven, Nate and Johanna. Currently we live in St. Louis, MO but try to get to McCloud, CA every chance that we get. McCloud recharges our batteries, allowing us to take “a step back in time” when families had meals together, played board games, and considered the “playstation” to be the woods out back. McCloud is the tonic for what ails a busy suburban family and a place that allows us to refocus on what is most important our life.

Life in McCloud is set apart from the maelstrom of everyday life, and allows us to truly get away from it all as a family. This quiet ambience is what originally attracted us to the area and what keeps us coming back again and again. We think there is something to be said for returning to the simpler way of life that McCloud represents for us. Cutting wood for a fire as opposed to simply “turning on” the fireplace, being able to see the Milky Way firsthand as opposed to just seeing a picture in a book, replacing police sirens with the siren’s call of a gurgling brook or winds through the pines, fly fishing as opposed to frequent flier miles….

As you browse our site, you’ll get our take on things to do and places to go when you’re here, and for the most part, you won’t see any national chains listed on the blog. Part of becoming part of the McCloud community is a sense of taking care of one another and supporting local businesses. We believe that it is this ethic that will eventually lead to a revitalized McCloud that remains true to its HERITAGE, provides us all with a daily sense of ADVENTURE, and ultimately fulfills the tremendous PROMISE that this area represents.

We invite you to follow our story here, and to perhaps one day make it your story as well.

DSC00855 - Version 2“I had rather be shut up in a modest cottage, with my books, my family, and a few old friends, dining on simple bacon, and letting the world roll on as it liked, than to occupy the most splendid post which any human power can give.” 
― Thomas Jefferson   



What We Offer

The McCloud Blog
We created the McCloud Blog to provide a one-stop-source for information related to our town and the Mt. Shasta area. For those considering a visit to McCloud, you can come here to find a collection of listings that highlight all there is to see and do around McCloud – written with our “local’s” flavor. If we’ve “been there” or “done that”, we’ll add our personal experience and perspective to the listing. 
The Eagle’s Rest
The Eagle’s Rest is our second home, and where we eventually hope to retire. For now, we enjoy sharing our home with other families who want to get away from the hustle and bustle of modern life. The Eagle’s Rest is a place to rejuvenate and replenish your spirit, to take a step back and time and reconnect with the people and things that are most important in life! 
The “Surf & Turf Summer”
Positioned as an alternative to the traditional “houseboat” vacation on Shasta Lake, the Surf & Turf Summer allows up to 14 guests the chance to experience the best of Northern California. From enjoying a week at the Eagles Rest to unlimited access to our 26-foot pontoon and 2 watercraft, the Surf & Turf Summer provides a compelling “best of all worlds” vacation option for busy families. 
There’s boating, and then there is spending a day aboard the 3 Boys & a Gull – our 26-foot luxury pontoon / living room named after our children. The 3B&G is available as part of the Surf & Turf Summer package at Eagle’s Rest.
Mr. & Mrs. Pawlow
Since we named the 3B&G after our kids, Cindy and I had some fun naming our watercraft as well. For the record, the blue one is the Mrs. Pawlow and the silver is the Mr. Pawlow.