What Does “Adventure” Mean To You?

In the magical area that surrounds the town of McCloud, unlimited adventure awaits. If adventure = adrenaline, then McCloud should be your base camp! If adventure = time away from the maelstrom of everyday life, then McCloud can be your oasis. If adventure = indulgence, then McCloud has many fine hotels, boutiques and restaurants in which you can indulge. If adventure = quality time with the family, then McCloud can help recharge your batteries by allowing you to rediscover each other.
Adventure… You define it, we’ll provide it!

photoPart of the reason that we created the McCloud Blog was to serve as a reference point for visitors to showcase all the things there are to see and do around McCloud. We actually found the town after compiling a list of things that we wanted to do within an hour of our eventual retirement home, and then searching for locations around the country that offered those amenities.

This section of our site is divided into 3 areas accessed through the pull-down menu : 1) Local Activities, 2) Day Trips, and 3) Surf & Turf Summer. Each section contains our recommendations for things to see and do throughout our region based on either word of mouth, or on our actual experiences. If you’re visiting the area, we hope you find these adventures to your liking! Be sure to check out the DIRECTORY section of the site as well for a comprehensive listing of places to STAY, EAT and SHOP while you’re here as well, along with a list of COMMUNITY contacts.

LOCAL ACTIVITIES: These are adventures that can be found close to home – within an hour of McCloud – and it may be possible to squeeze more than one of these activities into a single day. For the most part, these activities don’t require a ton of planning, and are fun and easy to enjoy!

DAY TRIPS: These adventures take you further from your home base of McCloud and may require some advance planning. Most of these activities can be accomplished in a single day, but a few call for an overnight stay away from McCloud. The great thing about our town is that it is centrally located to everything that Northern California and Southern Oregon has to offer. From the coast to the Crags, from redwoods to raging rivers, or from lava to Lake Shasta – your adventure awaits!

SURF & TURF SUMMER: This is an adventure that we created exclusively for guests at the Eagle’s Rest Family Hideaway. During summer months, guests can add-on the Surf & Turf package and enjoy our 26′ luxury pontoon and two Yamaha waverunners for the duration of their stay. Great for multiple families who are vacationing together, Surf & Turn provides a compelling alternative to the traditional houseboat vacation.




A Quick Visit – And New Destinations

Cindy and I just returned from a great visit “home” to McCloud. This time it was just the two of us which gave us an opportunity to do some exploring in areas that we haven’t seen before. The weather really cooperated as well, with the much needed rain holding off until the following week! We Continue Reading...

10 Reasons to Visit McCloud in 2014

McCloud is always worth the visit.  With many natural attractions and outdoor activities to explore, here are ten reasons you should come again and again to experience the wonder of this amazing town. 1.         McCloud Easter Egg Hunt April 12, 2014 As spring returns to mountains, the Easter Bunny hops into Hoo Hoo Park.  Asking Continue Reading...

The State of Jefferson Trade Route

Shasta Off-Road 2
From Forest to Sea! Crisscrossing the forests of Siskiyou County are thousands of miles of trails.  Travelled over the years by deer and bear, Native Americans, fur trappers, and settlers, these paths twist and turn through the trees and mountains of the landscape presenting panoramic views of the land and the hidden treasures nature has Continue Reading...

John Muir and the Mountain

By Gary VanDeWalker Eight children raced through the Muir home in Scotland.  John Muir was the third child, always looking for an adventure in nature.  In 1849, his family moved to America, settling on a farm in Wisconsin.  Muir grew up in the outdoors, pursuing the sciences in college, changing from subject to subject and Continue Reading...

McArthur-Burney Falls Memorial State Park

By Gary VanDeWalker:   For Native Americans, water forms a supernatural line along the landscape, with a waterfall presenting a place of power.  As Burney Creek bursts out from underground springs of its forest home, it moves through the forest and bushes, plunging hard over the edge of the fauna covered cliff, cascading down in a Continue Reading...


  Editor’s Note: The following blog post is taken from and used with permission. In addition to being a great read from both the “adventure” and “heritage” angles, it also introduces our blog readers to a fantastic local resource for hikes in and around the McCloud area. If you haven’t added to your Continue Reading...

Hedge Creek Falls & The Gentleman Outlaw

McCloud Blog Note:  The photo featured on our homepage for this story is actually the “payoff” view from the end of the trail. Once you get to the viewing platform that overhangs the river, scramble up the hillside to catch this fabulous glimpse of Mt. Shasta! Over the hill from McCloud, at the northern end Continue Reading...

The History of Snowman’s Hill

As cars rush over the Snowman’s Hill summit towards their destinations, the steep mountainside to the west remains unnoticed and unremarkable.  The snowy slopes guide their way forward.   Yet there is a story here along Highway 89 when this summit was famous and the snow covered run was crowded with cheering people.  Today the mountainside Continue Reading...

The Volcanic Legacy Scenic Byway

By Gary VanDeWalker In the Pacific Northwest, volcanoes are scattered throughout the broad swaths of forest.  They tower over the foothills and act as sleeping dragons.  McCloud lies in the center of these ancient wonders, along the Volcanic Legacy Scenic Byway All American Road, a 500 mile pathway presenting the complexities and beauty of geological Continue Reading...

Enjoy McCloud Bike-toberfest!

By Gary VanDeWalker The fall brings changes to the mountains.  The air brings a chill in anticipation of winter.  Summer bare mountains sport new hats of snow.  Jackets make their appearances on the streets.  In McCloud, bikes begin to appear for the second annual McCloud Bike-toberfest. On October 12, registration will open at 7 am Continue Reading...