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The State of Jefferson Trade Route

Shasta Off-Road 2
From Forest to Sea! Crisscrossing the forests of Siskiyou County are thousands of miles of trails.  Travelled over the years by deer and bear, Native Americans, fur trappers, and settlers, these paths twist and turn through the trees and mountains of the landscape presenting panoramic views of the land and the hidden treasures nature has Continue Reading...

Siskiyou Board Votes to Secede!

State of Jefferson? Board votes for separation! Excerpted from the story in the Siskiyou Daily that can be read in full here: …this second round of discussions had proponents standing, sitting and kneeling in the boardroom only to overflow into the courthouse halls to hear whether the board would vote to approve “the declaration and Continue Reading...

Writers Wanted!

It’s hard to believe that The McCloud Blog has already been up and running for almost 9 months now. Thanks to all of you who have contributed or sent along words of encouragement over the past several months, especially those who have shared ideas to make the site better.  As we near 400 “likes” on Continue Reading...

Help Support the Great Shasta Rail Trail

GSRT Auction
The Great Shasta Rail Trail will link McCloud and Burney along an 80-mile scenic trail featuring local heritage and culture, close connections to nature, and providing a boost to the economic and social vitality of both communities and the surrounding region. An alliance of local non-profit organizations is working to develop eighty miles of rail Continue Reading...

There Is Something About McCloud . . . .

Where others may look at McCloud and see challenges (and admittedly there are some), we actually see abundant opportunity – and believe that others will too. Imagine a remote community, away from the maelstrom of modern living, but still only 4 hours away from the world-class city that is San Francisco. This community offers high-speed Continue Reading...

McCloud Local First

Recycle Locally
Part of the appeal of McCloud, CA is the way it refreshes our family bonds because of the lifestyle that is dictated by the rural setting. Every meal is taken together when we are here, and the turbulence of modern life is set aside allowing us to focus on the things that are most important. Continue Reading...

Welcome to the State of Jefferson

Visitors to McCloud, CA may start wondering what State they are actually in given the abundance of signage in the area alluding to the “State of Jefferson”. The State of Jefferson was a proposed U.S. state that would span the contiguous, mostly rural area of southern Oregon and northern California, where several attempts to secede Continue Reading...


McCloud Ski
Recently, a group of civic-minded residents from McCloud, CA banded together under the direction of the Chamber of Commerce to create, plan, develop and implement a brand awareness campaign for the town. Highlighting the fact that it is closer to stay in McCloud than in other locales when you’re in the Mt. Shasta area for Continue Reading...