A Quick Visit – And New Destinations

Cindy and I just returned from a great visit “home” to McCloud. This time it was just the two of us which gave us an opportunity to do some exploring in areas that we haven’t seen before. The weather really cooperated as well, with the much needed rain holding off until the following week!

We have updated the blog’s “Local Activities” section with information on our four “trips” that we took during our visit. Feel free to check them out at the following links:

Mossbrae Falls

Black Lava Trail

Black Butte

Squaw (Cabin) Creek Trail

Our intent is to provide a resource for tourists and visitors that come to McCloud so they can capitalize on their time with us and explore “like a local”. If you have any ideas about other “destinations” that we should explore and then write-up/share on the Blog, please drop us a line at jeff@themccloudblog.com.



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