Heavy Rains in Northern California (Dec. 2012)

Middle Falls – Normal vs. Flood Flow

Over the past couple of weeks, the McCloud area – indeed much of Northern California – has received a tremendous amount of rain and early season snow. As a result the McCloud River is surging!

I never cease to be amazed by the power of the forces of nature, and these photos are testament to that magnificence. When we spent a day at Lower Falls last summer the setting was tranquil and the river calm. With the exception of a few jumps over the falls themselves, the afternoon was lazy and the surroundings peaceful.

Contrast that with the phots of that same location today. Both shots are literally taken from almost the same vantage point. I’m sure many of the boulders will be repositioned when we return next year as a result of this amount of flow!

Check out the depth of the Lower Falls pool in the “summer” shot, and imagine how much water it takes to turn Lower Falls into a roaring river!

Lower Falls – Normal vs. Flood Flow


Flood photo credits to Margot and McCloud Outdoors.

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