I recently came across a fantastic new website that we’ve already put to use on our latest visit to McCloud. If you haven’t checked out www.hikemtshasta.com I strongly encourage you to do so. We brought my parents along with us on the trip this summer and I wanted them to experience some great hiking that was in their range of ability. By browsing the site, we came across the Hedge Creek Falls hike that turned out to be exactly what I was looking for!

  • Less than a mile – Check!
  • Close to home – Check!
  • Waterfall – Check!
  • Waterfall that you can walk behind – Double Check!
  • Fantastic views of Mt. Shasta and the Sacramento River – Check!

Here’s a preview of the hike’s write-up on the site:

As I-5 leaves Dunsmuir and begins its climb up toward Mount Shasta drivers may notice signs proclaiming the park at Hedge Creek Falls. Although many travelers may be curious about the waterfall, they often do not stop and continue on toward the giant volcano further up the highway. This leaves Hedge Creek Falls and its accompanying trail to locals for the most part. What they miss is a very nice waterfall and a short but extremely packs trail that has far more to recommend it than might be expected.

Be sure to read the entire review and check out the entire site here.

And here’s a picture of the view you’re rewarded with at the end of the hike!

(c) Jeff Pawlow

(c) Jeff Pawlow

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