McCloud Local First

Part of the appeal of McCloud, CA is the way it refreshes our family bonds because of the lifestyle that is dictated by the rural setting. Every meal is taken together when we are here, and the turbulence of modern life is set aside allowing us to focus on the things that are most important. Additionally, the slower pace allows us to consider those things that we do take for granted and how important they really are (or aren’t).

What is important to you and your family? In today’s increasingly complex and interdependent world it is amazing how reliant we have become on others who we will never meet to provide for our daily living essentials. As I reflect on this dependence in the context of things that I have some control over (circle of influence) and things that I don’t (circle of concern) I am starting to worry about things that we all just take for granted, becoming things that aren’t taken for granted at all.

Basic CMYKOne of the organizations that we have become familiar with after adopting McCloud as our new hometown is McCloud Local First (MLF), a non-profit organization that is focused on promoting the ideal of local self-sufficiency and the behaviors that foster that goal. MLF is our local chapter of a rapidly expanding national movement of people that have realized that most of what we need can be produced and procured close to home. As a fan of Ayn Rand – this all starts to sound a lot like the legendary Galt’s Gulch from the epic Atlas Shrugged.

What if the majority of your food was grown by local farmers?

What if a larger number of the good and services you consume were produced  here in town?

What if the money that was spent here was essentially “recycled” here – fueling the local economy?

I don’t know about you, but I’d rather support a local entrepreneur instead of a faceless corporate behemoth that funnels my dollars away from the community I choose to live in. All of the good things that happen when we recycle our dollars locally begins with a simple change in behavior – making a conscious decision to buy locally whenever possible and promote the health and vitality of the McCloud economy. For example, as we drive up to McCloud after arriving in Sacramento, we can make a choice to avoid the Wal-Mart in Redding and instead provision here at the McCloud Market. We can make a choice to eat at a locally owned restaurant like  Aaron’s and refer our friends to stay at a locally owned Inn like the McCloud Hotel or shop at a local stores like McCloud Outdoors or The Other Side of the Mountain.

By making these small choices we each make these local businesses just a bit stronger, and the resulting ripple effect from that can’t be underestimated. As these businesses flourish, more opportunities are created here, which in turn fuels an expanding viral loop of prosperity.

So much is possible here! Kudos to McCloud Local First for leading the charge!

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