Siskiyou Board Votes to Secede!

State of Jefferson? Board votes for separation!

Excerpted from the story in the Siskiyou Daily that can be read in full here:

…this second round of discussions had proponents standing, sitting and kneeling in the boardroom only to overflow into the courthouse halls to hear whether the board would vote to approve “the declaration and authorize the vice chair to sign and to request that our state assemblyman and state senator read the declaration into their respective legislative record on behalf of Siskiyou County,” as stated by Supervisor Marcia Armstrong.

The board approved the declaration and subsequent action with four board members voting in favor to one voting in opposition.

The declaration cites a lack of representation for rural and frontier counties, aggressive regulation and reinterpretation of long-established laws, that California is unmanageable in its present state and 45 historical efforts to divide the state by 1998 among its reasons for the split. It then states the board of supervisors’ request to have the “California State Legislature approve the withdrawal from the state of California.”

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Do you feel this is all just political theatre, or perhaps the tip of a disenfranchised iceberg that is set for impact with the bloated California hull? Do you think you will ever see an independent 51st State of Jefferson in your lifetime? How would the infant State’s capitol look sitting on the Nestle’ property? (OK, I couldn’t resist….)

There does seem to be a sense of growing frustration with the way our representation is working, and not just in NorCal. A similar resolution has recently passed in Northern Colorado with several counties seeking to become their own state, or to be annexed by Wyoming. What’s behind the discontent, and what (if anything) should be done about it?

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