There Is Something About McCloud . . . .

Thomas_Cole_The_Voyage_of_Life_Youth_700Where others may look at McCloud and see challenges (and admittedly there are some), we actually see abundant opportunity – and believe that others will too.

Imagine a remote community, away from the maelstrom of modern living, but still only 4 hours away from the world-class city that is San Francisco. This community offers high-speed connectivity to the digital world, but there isn’t a traffic light to be found. This community offers an environment that promotes healthy, outdoor living with year-round activity, nestled within one of the most scenic locales in the entire country.

Imagine a community committed to sustainability and the support of local business owners and entrepreneurs (as opposed to the national chains and mega-box stores) where entrepreneurs can thrive. Imagine a community small enough to be innovative because they aren’t shackled by the weight of oppressive local government. Imagine a community powered by individual liberty, and the corresponding fruits that always come from free people who aren’t encumbered by bloated bureaucracies. Imagine these same citizens buying into a broader sense community, and having a keen awareness of the part they play within the broader synergistic tapestry that might someday exist here.

Imagine: what’s possible in McCloud!

If you are visiting this site, you’re probably already living in McCloud or contemplating a visit. Either way, I’d like to challenge you to consider what is possible here, and what your role in developing that potential might be. That’s the PROMISE of McCloud!

As for our family, we’ve already begun. Since visiting in 2009 for the first time, we’ve bought a home here, opened a business here, and are actively planning for our eventual full-time life in McCloud. Join us!

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