Arcata / Avenue of the Giants


Unless you have seen the redwoods in person, you haven’t seen witnessed magnificence. Truly, these are without compare and a spectacular sight to behold!

Some of our favorite “groves” can be found about a day away from McCloud along the Pacific coast. In this case, getting there is truly part of the fun as well, as the most direct route is a winding mountainous route along State Route 299 from Redding to the coast. Great for motorcycles or convertibles, this is truly a scenic route that makes the travel time fly!

The highway literally ends at the Pacific Ocean in the little town of Arcata – home of one of the best municipal parks in all of California: The Arcata Community Forest and Redwood Park. This is a wonderful place to explore and let the kids run on multi-level trails that wind throughout the park among the soaring redwoods. You can also take a zip-line trip through the canopy, which is an amazing experience!

After spending your afternoon here, head south from Arcata on Hwy 101 to Eureka, CA – a great place to grab dinner and a hotel in the refurbished Old Town area.

The next morning, get up early and head further south on 101 to Humboldt State Park – home of the Avenue of the Giants! Spend the majority of your morning here exploring the various points of interest and truly seeing trees like nothing you’ve ever encountered before. A late lunch back in Arcata will provision you for the return to McCloud where you’ll return to town late in the evening. Total mileage from Humboldt to McCloud is 265, so plan on a 5-6 hour drive.

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  1. M. D. Vaden says:

    The travel time difference is noticeably different for your route. From Beaverton up here to Jedediah Smith park is about 310 miles and can be safely driven in 5 hrs. if I dodge rush-hour.

    The drive-through trees do little for me, but I like Avenue of the Giants trails. The drive-through redwoods are all shorter than their signs indicated too. But the Chandelier is the better of the two.

    Cheers, MDV

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