Black Bear Diner (Mt. Shasta)


If you are looking for GREAT food, at a GREAT price in a setting that is FAMILY FRIENDLY, look no further than the Black Bear Diner in Mt. Shasta City. This is a perennial favorite of the Pawlow clan (including Grandma Pat – XOXO) and a great place to fill the tank after a busy day.

Black Bear is literally a diner, offering both table and counter service. The menu is extensive (seriously, good luck choosing) and the portions are hearty. Evidently Black Bear is a chain with restaurants throughout the western states, but it feels 100% local sitting in the shadow of Mt. Shasta. Even my good friend Lou Aquino enjoyed the meal we had there – even thought he still thinks I’m making the whole “Mt. Shasta” thing up (the mountain was completely covered in fog the day we visited and poor Doc never caught a glimpse…). Regardless, the food and atmosphere are fantastic and the kids will enjoy the visit. This is Steven’s FAVORITE place to eat when we’re “home” in McCloud.

(530) 926-4669

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