Lake McCloud

A scenic wonder in the heart of the Shasta National Forest

Welcome to your “private” lake nestled deep in the Shasta National Forest. Located just 10 miles south of Main Street, McCloud on Squaw Valley Road, Lake McCloud is truly a scenic wonder and a recreational paradise! Anglers pass their time coaxing the world-famous McCloud River Trout to their lures, while motor boaters enjoy still water that is ideal for skiing, tubing and swimming. Lake McCloud provides the ideal playground for visitors staying at the Eagle’s Rest and participating in the Surf & Turf Summer program. Unlike the larger and busier Shasta Lake, spending a day on Lake McCloud often feels like your can often feel like you have the entire area to yourself!

The Boat Ramp at lake McCloud offers public access to the lake, and facilities include parking for vehicles with trailers, several picnic tables, and a vault toilet. Lake McCloud serves as the division between the Upper McCloud River and the Lower McCloud River. Mud Creek, which originates from the Konwakiton Glacier on Mt. Shasta, flows into the upper section of the river and hence into the lake. It is aptly named for its silt-laden waters. This silt remains suspended in the calmer lake water, refracting the color of the sky and giving the lake a vivid turquoise hue, similar to other glacier-fed lakes. Scenic views include forests, brilliant blue-green waters, Mt. Shasta, and an occasional eagle or bear.

You don’t need a boat or a fishing rod to enjoy Lake McCloud as the breathtaking scenery makes for a spectacular day of hiking or even an car trip to the dam and beyond. Take your time and be sure to bring your camera!