The 96057: Main Street McCloud

McCloud Asterix
  • Mayberry ?
  • Marceline ?
  • Galt’s Gulch ?
  • Walnut Grove ?
  • Virginia City ?
  • Shangri-La ?
  • All of the Above !!!

While it may be hard to “describe the vibe” that makes McCloud what it is, for those who have visited here – no words are required. McCloud is a “feeling” in three parts: HERITAGE, ADVENTURE, and PROMISE. Cindy and I succumbed to the lure of McCloud in 2011 purchasing 20 acres south of town with an exceptional view of Mt. Shasta. We followed that up a year later by purchasing another 20 acre parcel and a log home that we operate as the Eagle’s Rest Family Hideaway – what we like to think of as McCloud’s premiere vacation rental.

When you visit McCloud, there is plenty to do “in town”, with several places to EAT, SLEEP and SHOP in our tiny COMMUNITY. For your next vacation, take the road less traveled and join us here in McCloud. Who knows, you may just find yourself contemplating a move here after you spend some time with us! At a minimum, you’ll have experienced a place that you want to return to again and again.


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