Wayside Grill (Mt. Shasta)

(C) Tom Spaulding

Our absolute FAVORITE restaurant in the area. A bit more upscale but 100% family friendly, the menu here is as unique and as tasty as you’ll find anywhere. Seriously, this is our favorite place to eat in the McCloud area. You can sit on the deck and overlook the mountains while you eat, or sit at the bar and watch the game, or grab a table and enjoy live music on the weekends. There is a reason the Wayside was recently recognized as the “Business of the Year” in Mt. Shasta!

Famous for their entrees prepared in the wood-fired oven, we have literally never walked away disappointed, and have tried something different each time we’ve visited. Be sure to add the Wayside to your list of restaurants to visit while you’re in the area, and don’t be put off by the modest exterior. The Wayside was recommended to us by our good friend Bill Michelon and boy was he ever right. I have to admit, we almost moved on the first time we pulled into the parking lot thinking that this couldn’t be the place Bill had raved about. I’m so glad we went in because it certainly lives up to the hype!

Enjoy the Wayside, and tell them the Pawlow’s sent you!


(530) 918 9234

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  1. Looking forward to a great meal there next week! Lulu

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