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The History of Snowman’s Hill

As cars rush over the Snowman’s Hill summit towards their destinations, the steep mountainside to the west remains unnoticed and unremarkable.  The snowy slopes guide their way forward.   Yet there is a story here along Highway 89 when this summit was famous and the snow covered run was crowded with cheering people.  Today the mountainside Continue Reading...

The Slush Bike-Hike Challenge!

Slush Bike Hike Challenge
Are you up to it??? Whoa! Get ready to get dirty during the 1st annual bike adventurer race at the Mt. Shasta Ski Park! The Slush Bike and Hike Challenge begins with a mass start at the top of the Marmot Lift; carrying your bike over snow through a challenging 5 miles of varied conditions Continue Reading...

Let It Snow x3

Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow!!! Winter has come to McCloud and our town is covered in a heavy blanket of white. While shoveling and plowing can always be a chore, the extra-curricular activities soar once Mother Nature ushers in winter in the Shasta National Forest. The Ski Park is open, an hosting Continue Reading...

Ski Park Set To Open!

Open Ski
Forget about the Mayan apocalypse, while the rest of the world may be coming to a close, the Mt. Shasta Ski Park is set to OPEN on December 21st. You can find all of the details online by visiting their website at www.skipark.com. The new Tubing center will be open from 4-9 – and night Continue Reading...